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Luisa M. Cabalín


Post-Doctoral Researcher


Dr. L.M. Cabalin received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Malaga (Spain) in June 1989. In 1989, she began her career in analytical chemistry in the same University. She reached her M.S. studies in 1991 (more information here). These year, she started her doctoral theses, conducting her research in SERS technique (Surfaced Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy). She was awarded the Doctorate of Philosophy degree in April of 1994 (more information here).

She did her post-doctoral studies for a period of two year at the Laboratoire des Sciences Analytiques, Université Claude Bernard Lyon-I (France), under the supervision of professor Jean-Michel Mermet. (more information here).

Actually, she is working as a post-doctoral associate at the Laser Spectroscopy Group, placed in Central Research Building (S.C.A.I) under the direction of J. Javier Laserna professor of the Department of  Analytical Chemistry of University of Malaga.


1. Fundamental study of laser-material interaction.  Characterization and analysis of new material (photovoltaic cell, catalysts) by Laser ablation and Optical emission spectrometry (LIBS, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometry) detection. Creation of chemical surface images by LIBS. Determination of Laser Induced Breakdown Thresholds of Metals.

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