Interactivity with the sound of the music

The computer/tablet/smartphone is able to know which note has been sung and it is able to "listen" to the music played by a real instrument. The interactivity is based on the sound of the singing voice or the played instrument.

Sing&Colour Available in the App Store!

The color of the line depends on the note that has been sung.

Canta Come(Sing&Eat) Available in the App Store!

The movement up and down of the cow depends on the note the kid is singing. Note that the iPad is playing the accompaniment to make it easier and nicer for the kid! This app is available in the App Store. Check it out!

Let's play violin

We have developed a tool for violin, viola, cello and bass students. While the students are playing their classical instruments, using the regular mic of the computer, they can see in real time, the position of the finger of the left hand to know whether or not they are performing properly.

Violin Tool Cello Tool

Watch the video:

Play with my song: Voice to musical instruments

We have developed also tools for playing with singing voice! You can learn in a very funny way the sound of different instruments.

Original song:

You can sound like a violin!


... or like a string quartet!


... or like any other instrument you may want!

Music Creation

We have also developed a system able to learn different music styles. The system learns the style and then it is able to compose music of that style.

Therefore, we can compose music for a video game free of royalties or we can compose music for learning music with different difficulty levels and much more!

Listen to the examples!

  • * Classic Piano Music
  • Piano Example 1:

    Piano Example 2:

  • * Flamenco Music
  • OLE!:

  • * Epic Music
  • EPIC:

  • * Scary Music
  • Beware!:

  • * Music for learning
  • Easy level:

    Advanced level:

Optical Music Recognition

We not only provide the computer with the capacity of listening to the music. We also provide them with the capacity of reading scores!

OMR tool

For example, we have developed software able to read ancient scores.

OMR tool

Here you can see an example of an ancient score preserved at the "Archivo de la Catedral de Málaga". You can see the original scores, the transcribed one in both ancient and modern notation and ... you can listen to it!

OMR tool


New interfaces for musical content searching

We have developed a system for music visualization based on the characteristics of the music: melody, chords, rythm... Each songs is a world. The position of the songs in the 3D space is related to all these characteristics. If two songs are close to each other that means that they are somehow related and they are similar.

3D visualization of songs