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Past ideas

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1. A survival analysis of the Spanish hotel industry, R&R Tourism Management (with G. Gemar and L. Moniche)

2. Collective Giving, R&R Theory and Decision (with E. Fatas)



1. Excludability: A laboratory study on forced ranking in team production, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2015 (with R. Croson, E. Fatas and T. Neugebauer)

2. Branching Deregulation and Merger Optimality, The Manchester School, 2015 (with A. Lozano and M.A. Melendez-Jimenez)

3. No fight, no loss: Underinvestment in experimental contest games,  Economics of Governance, 2015 (with S. Godoy and M.A. Melendez)

4. Public goods and decay in networks, SERIEs, Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 1-18, 2014 (with E. Fatas, M.A. Melendez and H. Solaz),

5. The Rise and Spread of Favouritism Practices, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics 14 (1), 397-414, 2014 (with M.A. Duran)

6. An experimental re-examination of the Bertrand paradox, Southern Economic Journal, 2014 (with E. Fatas and E. Haruvy)

7. A moral hazard approach to wage discounts under informal hiring, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2014 (with M. A.l Duran)

8. Competition lessens Competition, Economics Letters, 2013 (with S. Godoy and J. Rodero)

9. Step thinking and costly coordination, Economics Letters, 2013 (with E. Fatas)

10. The Walrasian Output Beats the Market, International Journal of Game Theory, (with G. Fernandez-de-Cordoba) 2012

11. Controlling for Initial Endowment and Experience in Binary Choice Tasks, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (with E. Fatas and F. Jimenez-Jimenez) 2011

12. With Whom to Merge? A Tale of the Spanish Banking Deregulation Process, SERIEs 2(2) Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 2011, 159-184 (with A. Lozano and M.A. Melendez)

13. Mercado de Trabajo: Incentivos, Salarios y Contratos” (Spanish), in Economía Experimental y del Comportamiento, edited by P. Brañas, 2011, published by A. Bosch, Barcelona, (with E. Fatas).

14. Blind Fines in Coops, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 2010 (with E. Fatás and F. Jimenez-Jimenez)

15. Blind Justice. An Experimental Analysis of Random Punishment in Team Production, Journal of Economic Psychology, 2010 (with E. Fatas and P. Úbeda)

16. Multistrategic Spatial Competition in Banking, International Journal of the Economics of Business 2007 (with M. Kim and A. Lozano)

17. Economía y Juegos (Spanish), en (Eds. Fernando Aguiar), Economía, Sociedad y Juegos, McGraw Hill, 2008, 1-28.

18. Demanda y competencia potencial en el sector turístico de Andalucía, (Spanish) Boletín Económico ICE 2892, 45-57, 2006 (con A. Lozano y L. Navarro).

19. On the Role of the Group Composition for Achieving Optimality, Annals of Operations Research 137, 387-397, 2005.

20. Expedient and Monotone Learning Rules, Econometrica 72 (2), 383-405, 2004 (with T. Börgers and R. Sarin).

21. Complexity Constraints and Adaptive Learning: An Example, in: S. Huck (Ed.), Advances in Understanding Strategic Behaviour: Game Theory, Experiments, and Bounded Rationality: Essays in Honour of Werner Guth, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2004 (with T. Börgers).

22. Strategic Uncertainty and Risk Attitudes: The Experimental Connection, Cuadernos de Economía 27, 139-152, 2004 (with P. Brañas and F. Jiménez-Jiménez).

23. Absolutely Expedient Imitative Behaviour, International Journal of Game Theory 31 (4), 475-492, 2003.

24. La Importancia de Llamarse Forbes, (Spanish) en: J. Aurioles (Ed.), Historias que Merecieron el Nobel, Comares, 71-82, 2002.

25. Revolución de la Información, (Spanish) en: J. Aurioles (Ed.), Historias que Merecieron el Nobel, Comares, 111-128, 2002 (with J. I. García Pérez).

26. Multilateral Institutions for International Monetary Policy Coordination: Bargaining versus Voting, Spanish Economic Review 1 (3), 263-282, 1999 (with A. Jorge Padilla).

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03 August 2015