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Universidad de Malaga

Future ideas


These ideas are awaiting for the right co-authors to arrive:


“A universal factorization procedure with applications to cryptography”

This project has fascinated me since I was 11. I have developed some ideas (including a Theorem) about a universal divisibility rule that yields at least one factor of the number at hand (reminiscent of the infinite descent method developed by Fermat). Upon the discovery that it works beautifully good for small numbers, I got terrified by the large consequences that it had on the secured electronic transactions that rely on the science of cryptography. This explains that I usually work on this project every 11 years, and I am currently 46... 9 years until the next push!!


“An experimental approach to the origin of language”

The science of expressing thoughts…. I want to see it in a lab


“An experimental approach to the origin of institutions”

Two thoughts on this: (i) Political Economy, a recently discovered passion and (ii) I recall my reaction when I first read the section on Spontaneous order in Binmore’s Fun and Games book… I want to see the emergence of spontaneous order in the lab.


Last updated:

03 August 2015