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A shot of the Faculty of Economics from the main entrance. As you see, blue skies are eternal in Malaga.

Antonio J Morales

Associate Professor



Welcome to my official webpage (the unofficial one is awaiting for a truly follower to develop it).

Ï am a lecturer and a researcher. As a lecturer, I enjoy unveiling the secrets of science to students. As a researcher, I enjoy unveiling the secrets of science to my colleagues.

My research (as well as my lectures) focuses on Game Theory and on behavioural and experimental Economics. In this site, you can have a glimpse of my intellectual achievements (my personal achievements are kept secret for the time being).



BS in Economics, University of Malaga, 1992 

MSc in Economics and Finance, CEMFI, 1994 

PhD in Economics, University  College London, 1999  


Research Fields

Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics


Office Hours:

Wednesdays: 09:00—15:00 UT


Academic year 2015/16:

First term:

Behavioural Economics (Eco Undergraduate)

Economics and Business (Telecom Engineering Undergraduate)


Second term:

Experimental Economics (MSc Economics)

Facultad de Economía

Plaza El Ejido s/n

29007 Málaga


Contact information:

Tel: +34 952 13 12 46

Fax: +34 952 13 12 99


Last updated:

Monday, 03 August 2015