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Present status: Full time Professor of University of Malaga (Tenure since 2001)                                                             

Work location: Faculty of Social and Labor Studies

 Avda. Estación s/n 29017 Málaga

Telephone: 34-952290350 (Ext. 220)

e-mail: mmrodriguez@uma.es

Years working in the University: Since 1993

Doctorate: PhD in Management and Administration Businesses. Thesis “Temporary employment businesses and its use by the hotel sector in the Costa del Sol” February 1999 published by the University of Malaga (ISBN: 84-7496-555-1)

Main Papers

“Logical-fuzzy products commercialised in Japan II International Congress of the International Society of Management and Fuzzy Economy, Santiago de Compostela (Spain) November 15th-17th 1995.

“Study of the implementation of neurofuzzy system on business management control system” International Conference on Intelligent Technologies in Human-Related Sciences (ITHURS-96), Leon (Spain) June of 1996.

 “Aerospace sector in the nineties: consolidation and diversification” X National and VI French-Hispanic Congress of the European Association of Management and Economy of the Business, Granada (Spain) 1996.

“Flexibility in the organization of work as a competitive factor in the organizations” V International Congress of the European Association of Management and Economy of the Business, Prague (Check Republic), September 1996.

“Situation and Perspectives of the Temporary Employment Businesses in Spain: European experience” XI National and VII French-Hispanic Congress of the European Association of Management and Economy of the Business, Lleida (Spain), June 17th-20th 1997.

“The use of temporary personnel in anaesthesia in the United States VII International Congress of the European Association of Management and Economy of the Business, Istanbul (Turkey) September 8th-10th 1998.

“Tools for companies in a collaborative world: offsets, outsourcing and joint-ventures. The case of the aerospace sector” VII International Congress of the European Association of Management and Economy of the Business, Istanbul (Turkey) September 8th-10th 1998.

“The employee of temporary employment businesses in Malaga: main characteristics” IX Hispanic-Portuguese Meetings, Huelva (Spain) March of 1999.

“The organizational culture in the fish and seafood restaurants in Malaga” IX Hispanic-Portuguese Meetings, Huelva (Spain) March of 1999.

 “Analysis of the use of temporary employment services by the hotel sector in Malaga III Andalusian Congress of Tourism, Torremolinos November of 1999.

“Cultural characteristics of the temporary employment businesses in Spain” X Hispanic-Portuguese Meetings of Scientific Management, Villamoura (Portugal), February of 2000.

“Contractual management of human resources in the tourist sector. Special reference to the hotel sector” III Congress of Tourism: University and Business, Benicassim (Alicante) April of 2000.

“Implementation of the organizational work methods in the businesses of Malaga: empirical analysis” XI Hispanic-Portuguese Meetings of Scientific Management, Caceres February of 2001.




Main Articles published in Spanish Reviews

“Cultural elements of the Spanish temporary businesses and cooperatives” CEF Gestión, Actualización empresarial Review, August-September 2000.

“Temporary Employment Businesses: A tool for the hotel sector in Malaga Tribuna Social, Seguridad Social y Laboral Review, August-September 2000.

“The cultural factor in the Spanish Temporary Employment Businesses development” Capital Humano Review, December of 2000.

“The internal organization of work in the businesses of Malaga Boletín de la Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Navegación, May of 2001.


Articles published in Internet

“Spanish temporary employment cooperatives” http://www.aedipe.es

“Tourism and cultural conservation: environmental planning” http://www.sofcar.com/tourism.html

 “How design effective work location?”http://www.luispuchol.com


Books published

Cases of Human Resources Management, Ed. Díaz de Santos, 2000, ISBN: 84-7978-429-6

Management in practice, Ed. Pirámide, 2000, ISBN:84-368-1504-1Business and new economy, Ed. La Coria, 2001, ISBN: 84-888611-07-2

School of open training 2000-2001, Ed. University of Malaga, 2001, ISBN: 84-7496-880-1

Health care strategic management, Ed. Universities of Malaga & Matej Bel, 2001, ISBN:84-921164-9-8.

Organization and work methods, Ed. Pirámide, 2002, ISBN: 84-368-1679-X

Design and Organization of work locations at new environments of work. Ed. University of Málaga, 2006. ISBN: 84-9747-125-3

Work Processes. Theory and Practical Cases. Ed. Prentice-Hall, Madrid, 2007.



Main conferences

“Outsourcing of human resources by temporary employment businesses” , March 2000, II Cycle of Conferences of the School of opened training for elders.

 “Labour flexibility in organizations”, August 2000, V Summer courses of the University of Malaga.


Courses given in Doctorate Programme

“Strategic management of the human resources and organizational development”, Courses 1999-2000, 2000-2001.

“Business Strategic management”, Course 1999-2000.

“Strategic viability. Politics and tactics of companies”, Course 2000-2001.

"Managing Human Resources", From course 2001-2002 until now.



" Temporary employment businesses"

“Work organization. Designing effective work locations”


Research Groups membership

Organizational culture of the associated work cooperatives: 1993-1999

Human resources, organizational change and labour market (until now)



Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Labor Sciences (2001-2004)



Saint Paul University  (Canada): July 2004

University of Ottawa (Canada): August 2004

University of Cincinnati (Ohio, USA): July-August 2007



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