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I have got a PostDoc position at IRPHE, Marseille with Stéphane Le Dizès from the Ministerio de EducaciĆ³n y Ciencia for 2008/2010.

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(July 25, 2005)

Welcome to my web page!

Hi. I'm Luis Parras, and now I'm an assistant professor at Malaga University (Spain). I finish my MS in Engineering and my Phd in fluid mechanics in the same University. I have been also as a visiting researcher at IRPHE in Marseille (France) under the supervision of Stéphane Le Dizès.

My research interests are different topics in fluid mechanics, mostly related to numerical simulations and theory. In my thesis I've been working in the stability and structure of the interaction of an unbounded vortex over a solid surface. This has been a continuation of my Master Thesis, in which I started to interest myself in numerical simulations and high order discretization. Now I'm pretty involved in different domains. I'm doing some experiments to characterize by PIV and visualization the problem of my thesis. At the same time I'm doing some WKB analysis of the radiation properties of high Mach number jets, in colaboration with Stéphane Le Dizès. And also I'm doing some optimal perturbation now, and a steady solver for Navier-Stokes equations, that provides a tool to study different problems with the same code: non linear solver, linear solver, global mode analysis, control of flows, frequency response, ...

Finally, if you have any interests in collaborating with me or you want to contact me you can do it at lparras at uma.es