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Eduardo Martos Naya

Eduardo Martos Naya








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Academic Biography


Eduardo Martos-Naya received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Telecommunication Engineering in 1996 and 2005, respectively, from the University of Malaga (Spain). In 1997, he joined the Communication Engineering Department, at the University of Malaga. Since 2008, he is Associate Professor. In 2008 he stays for 4 month as a visitor associate professor in Stanford University with Prof. Andrea J. Goldsmith.




Research interest


His current research activity is focused on digital signal processing for communications systems and communication theory, with special interest in synchronization and performance analysis in wireless communication (OFDM, MIMO, adaptive modulation, relays…)


Research group


Dr. Jose F. Paris Angel

Dr. Francisco Javier Lopez Martinez

Dr. Unai Fernandez Plazaola

Dr. Jesus Lopez Fernandez

Dr. Luis Díez del Rio

Laureano Moreno Pozas

Adrian Sauco Gallardo



External Collaborators


Prof. Andrea Goldsmith (Stanford University).

Prof. Ángel Lozano (Pompeu-Fabra University).

Dr. K.K. Wong (University College of London).

Dr. David Morales Jiménez (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology).

Dr. Ernesto Martin Gorostiza (University of Alcalá).





Journal papers




29. Comments on "Human Body Shadowing in Cellular Device-to-Device Communications: Channel Modeling Using the Shadowed κ-μ Fading Model"

L. Moreno-Pozas, F. J. Lopez-Martinez, S. Cotton, J.F. Paris, E. Martos-Naya,

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications,

Accepted to be published.


28. Joint Parameter Estimation for the Two-Wave with Diffuse Power Fading Model

J. Lopez-Fernandez, L. Moreno-Pozas, F. J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya,


June 2016.


27. Higher Order Statistics in Switch and Stay Diversity Systems

A. Sauco-Gallardo, U. Fernandez-Plazaola, L. Díez, E. Martos-Naya

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology,

pp. 9630-9641,December 2016.


26. The κ-µ Shadowed Fading Model: Unifying the κ-µ and η-µ Distributions

L. Moreno-Pozas, F. J. Lopez-Martinez, J. F. Paris, E. Martos-Naya,

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology,

pp. 9630-9641,December 2016.


25. Novel Results for the κ–μ Extreme Fading Distribution: Generation of White Samples and Capacity Analysis

F. J. Lopez-Martinez, L. Moreno-Pozas, E. Martos-Naya,

IEEE Communications Letters,

pp.1580-1583, September 2015.


24. Eigenvalue Dynamics of a Central Wishart Matrix with Application to MIMO Systems

F. J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J. F. Paris, A. Goldsmith,

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,

pp. 2693 – 270, May 2015.


23. Delay Tracking of Spread-Spectrum Signals for Indoor Optical Ranging

D. Salido-Monzú, E. Martín-Gorostiza, J. L. Lázaro-Galilea, E Martos-Naya, A. Wieser,


pp. 23176-23204, December 2014.


22. A Clarification of the Proper-Integral Form for the Gaussian Q-Function and Some New Results Involving the F-Function

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, R.F. Pawula, E. Martos-Naya, J.F.  Paris,

IEEE Communications Letters,

pp.1495-1498, September 2014.


21. Interaction between Symbol Timing Offset and Channel Interpolation in OFDM Systems: BER Analysis and Performance Degradation

S. SalidoF. J. Lopez-MartinezE. Martos-Naya, J. T. Entrambasaguas,

Wireless Personal Communications,

Available online, April 2014.


20. Connections between the Generalized Marcum Q-Function and a class of Hypergeometric Functions

D. Morales-Jimenez, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.F. Paris, A. Lozano,

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,

pp. 1077-1082, February 2014.


19. On the Connection between Gaussian Q-Functions and a Class of Hypergeometric Functions: Application to LCR of Lognormal Processes

J.F. Paris, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya,

IEEE Communications Letters,

pp. 1493-1496, August 2013.


18. On the Bivariate Nakagami-m Cumulative Distribution Function: Closed-form Expression and Applications

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, D. Morales-Jimenez, E. Martos-Naya, J.F. Paris.

IEEE Transactions on Communications,

pp. 1404-1414, Apr. 2013.


17. Higher order statistics of sampled fading channels

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.F. Paris,  U. Fernández-Plazaola.

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology,

pp. 3342-3346, September 2012.


16. Low complexity cell search scheme for LTE and LTE-advanced mobile technologies

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.T. Entrambasaguas.

Elsevier Computers & Electrical Engineering,

Available online, June 2012.


15. Performance Evaluation of Preamble Detectors for 3GPP-LTE Physical Random Access Channel

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. del Castillo-Sanchez, E. Martos-Naya, J.T. Entrambasaguas.

Elsevier Journal of Digital Signal Processing,

Available online January 2012.


14. Exact Closed-Form BER Analysis of OFDM Systems in the presence of IQ imbalances and ICSI

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.F Paris, J.T. Entrambasaguas,

IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communications,

pp. 1914-1922, June 2011.


13. Closed-Form BER Analysis of Alamouti-MRC Systems with ICSI in Ricean Fading Channels

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, K.K. Wong, J.T. Entrambasaguas,

IEEE Communications Letters,

pp. 46-48, January 2011.


12. Adaptive modulation for MIMO systems with channel prediction errors

U. Fernandez-Plazaola, E. Martos-Naya, J.F. Paris, Andrea Goldsmith,

IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communication,

pp. 2516 - 2527, August 2010.


11. Generalized BER Analysis of QAM and its Application to MRC under Imperfect CSI and Interference in Ricean Fading Channels

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.F. Paris, U. Fernandez-Plazaola,

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology,

pp. 2598 – 2604, Jun 2010.


10. BER Analysis of Direct Conversion OFDM Systems with MRC under Channel Estimation Errors

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.F. Paris, J.T. Entrambasaguas.

IEEE Communications Letters,

pp. 423 – 425, May 2010. 


9. Iterative gradient based complex divider FPGA core with dynamic configurability of accuracy and throughput

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. del Castillo-Sanchez, J.T. Entrambasaguas, E. Martos-Naya.

Springer Journal of Signal Processing Systems,

March 2010.


8. Coverage-Mapping Method Based on a Hardware Model for Mobile-Robot Positioning in Intelligent Spaces

E. Martin-Gorostiza, F.J. Meca, J.L.L. Galilea, E. Martos-Naya, F.B. Naranjo, O. Esteba,

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement,

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7. Analysis of adaptive MIMO transmit beamforming under channel prediction errors based on incomplete Lipschitz-Hankel integrals

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IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology,

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6. Exact BER analysis for M-QAM modulation with transmit beamforming under channel prediction errors,

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IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communications,

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5. Timing error estimation for baseband multicarrier modulation

J. Lopez-Fernandez, E. Martos-Naya, L. Diez del Rio, J. T. Entrambasaguas,

International Journal of Communication Systems,

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4. Exact BER analysis of M-ary orthogonal signalling with MRC over Ricean fading channels

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International Journal of Communications Systems,

pp. 447 - 452, July 2007.


3. Analysis and design of timing recovery schemes for DMT systems over indoor power-line channels

J. A. Cortes Arrabal, L. Diez del Rio; E. Martos-Naya, F. J. Cañete Corripio, J. T. Entrambasaguas,

Eurasip Journal On Applied Signal Processing,

pp. 48931-1 - 48931-11, 2007.


2. Structure of a sampling rate converter based on elementary signal processing blocks

E. Martos-Naya, J. M. Lopez Fernandez, L. Diez del Rio, J. T. Entrambasaguas,

Digital Signal Processing,

pp. 480 - 487, 2007.


1. Optimized Interpolator filter for timing error correction in DMT systems for xDSL applications

E. Martos-Naya, J. Lopez Fernandez, L. Diez del Rio, M .C. Aguayo Torres and J. T. Entrambasaguas,

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications,

pp. 2477 - 2485, Dec. 2001.



Conference papers (last 10 years)


On Some Unifications Arising from the MIMO Rician Shadowed Model

L. Moreno-Pozas, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya,

IEEE VTC Spring 2016



A General Framework for Statistically Characterizing the Dynamics of MIMO Channels

F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.F. Paris, A. Goldsmith,

IEEE Information Theory Workshop 

pp. 1-5, Sep. 2013.


BER Analysis for MIMO-OFDM Beamforming with MRC under Channel Prediction and Interpolation Errors

Lopez-Martinez, F. Javier;   Martos-Naya, Eduardo;   Paris, Jose F.;   Goldsmith, Andrea J.;  

Proceedings of IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference 2009 (IEEE GLOBECOM 2009),

pp 1 - 7, Nov. 2009.


Design and FPGA implementation of an OFDMA baseband modem for 3GPP-LTE physical layer

Lopez-Martinez, F.J.; del Castillo-Sanchez, E.; Martos-Naya, E.; Entrambasaguas, J.T.;

ICCE '09. Digest of Technical Papers International Conference on Consumer Electronics

pp. 1 – 2, 2009.


Fine time tracking from coarse timing estimation in OFDM systems

Toril-Cabrera, A.; Martos-Naya, E.; Lopez-Martinez, F.J.; Entrambasaguas, J.T.;

CogART 2009. Second International Workshop on Cognitive Radio and Advanced Spectrum Management,

pp.  54 – 58, 2009.


Joint Time, Frequency and Sampling Clock Synchronization for OFDM-Based Systems

E. del Castillo-Sanchez, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.T. Entrambasaguas,

IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking (WCNC),

pp. 1-6, April 2009.


Exact closed form BER analysis of MIMO multiplexing under channel prediction errors

U. Fernandez-Plazaola, E. Martos-Naya, J. F. Paris, A. Goldsmith,

IEEE International Conference on Communications 2008 (ICC 2008),

pp. 1243-1248, May 2008.  


Analysis of MIMO beamforming with channel response variations over the frame interval

E. Martos-Naya, J. F. Paris, U. Fernandez-Plazaola, A. Goldsmith,

Proceedings of IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference 2007 (IEEE GLOBECOM 2007),

pp. 1597 - 1601, Nov. 2007.



Supervised Ph.D. Thesis


Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM systems using Complex Gaussian Quadratics Forms”, Francisco Javier López Martínez, December 2010.



Ph.D. Thesis


His Ph.D.Thesis was entitled “Optimization of Synchronization Techniques for Multicarrier Transmission Systems”, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Malaga, October 2005.


Master Thesis


His MS Thesis was entitled “Dicrete-Multitone Systems”, presented on July, 18th, 1996.





    Courses  ( E.T.S.I. Telecomunicacion – University of Malaga )

Signal and Systems (2nd year, 1nd term)

Ingenieria Tecnica de Telecomunicacion Esp. Sonido e Imagen  (Telecommunication Systems - Bachelor degree)


Introduction to signal and systems. LTI systems. Fourier Series. Fourier Transform. Laplace and Z Transform. Sampling Theorem.


Communication Systems (2rd year, 2st term)

Ingenieria de Telecomunicacion  (Telecommunication Systems - Master degree)

Random variables (pdf, cdf, typical distributions, univariate and multivariate, law of large numbers, central limit theorem), random signals, (stochastic process, stacionarity, ergodicity, autocorrelation and power spectral density) noise and digital modulations (autocorrelation and power spectral density characterization),


Textbook: ‘Señales Aleatorias: Teoría y ejercicios resueltos’, MARCOMBO, Barcelona 2010.