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    [Awarded with the Exeter Prize 2015 for Research in Experimental Economics, Decision Theory and Behavioral Economics]  


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Working Papers and Work in Progress


· “Can There Be a Market for Cheap-talk Information? An Experimental Investigation” (joint with Antonio Cabrales, Francesco Feri and Piero Gottardi).


· “Communication and (Non)-Equilibrium Selection in Networks” (joint with Gary Charness, Francesco Feri and Matthias Sutter).


· “Dirty Neighbors - Pollution in an Interlinked World” (joint with Arnold Polanski).


· “Far above Others” (joint with Dunia López-Pintado).


· “An Experimental Study on Information Sharing Networks” (joint with Sergio Currarini, Francesco Feri and Bjoern Hartig).


· “Institutional Flexibility, Political Alternation and Middle-of-the-road Policies” (joint with Ascensión Andina-Díaz and Francesco Feri). 


· “Pooling or Fooling? An Experiment on Signaling” (joint with Francesco Feri, Giovanni Ponti, Fernando Vega-Redondo and Haihan Yu).


· “Exploitation and Cooperation in Networks” (joint with Andrea Galeotti).

Miguel A. Meléndez-Jiménez


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